1999 CR80R FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1999 CR80R FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am selling a 99 cr80r that is in great condition. this bike was just rebuilt a month ago and is barley broken in. I replaced the tires,graphics,wheelbearings,handlebars,cluth lever and front brake lever,and i also put a no toil air filter in it and also hand guards. The bike is pretty much stock except it has more agrresive tires on it and a 55t rear sprocket for low end. the bike runs great you cant keep the front end down on it. I put black plastics on it and it makes the bike look really good.
I am trying to get 1000 for it but will noganate you can email me at warddart and i am located in delaware

i might be interested....but
i might be interested....but i do not have $1000 dollars on me..i only have 875 .do you have a picture?
Dude, im looking for a a nice
Dude, im looking for a a nice 80, 85, or 150 But if u could get a pic, i might be interested
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