2 STROKES v.s 4 STROKES....Who's the WINNER

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2 stroke

kx125 rider is on it. but i beg to differ on the power scale again it is more prefrence & rider ability i have a kxf250 2004 my buddy has 2004kx125 down a dirt road from stat to finish my kxf250 seems to pull a little harder every time even switching riders but a buddy of ours w/a yz125 1998 can smoke both of us on any of the three bikes what am i saying its all about the rider.


Dude are you rly going pro in one year or are u bullshitin?????

fuck 4 strokes

4 strokes suck balls 2 strokes have more torque and power

whatch you talkin bout bitch?

whatch you talkin bout bitch?. lol 2 months ago i was talkin like that bout 2 smokers but i had enuf of them. you gotta be revvin the shit out of the to have any power, not near the torque as a four stroke, they are the same maintnece and four strokes are wayyyyyyyyyy louder!!! i still like 2 strokes i just like 4 strokes better thats all. lol

yz_125, i like how you are go

yz_125, i like how you are gonna say that 2 strokes have more torque and power when every dyno chart shows you that a 4 stroke develops more horsepower quicker and has almost double the torque of a comparable 2 stroke. guys let ask you my favorite question, if 2 strokes are soo good why are the sx pros riding 4 strokes???????

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ya exactly. and when you co

ya exactly. and when you come outta a corner on a 2 stroke you hit the throttle and you have to wait for it to wind up before theres power. on a fourstroke you dont even have to slip the clutch the power is just there all the time, and its more power than a 2 stroke

4 strokes

ok i got a crf 150 expert and its a 4 stroke and I am pretty sure that it will beat any 85 100 or mabie evon 125s 2 strokes or 4 strokes for that matter. Because think about it 85vs 150 I got 75 more hp than them evon a 100 I got 50 more ccs than that bike now I think im gonna win but in the end this is what matters most is the rider if u cant ride a bike evon if ur riding a 400 ur not gonna beat some won on a 65 thats experienced. On hill climbs 2stroke vs 4 stroke ok thats dum if u think 2 strokes are gonna win. 4 strokes are torqe bike 2 strokes are for hp 2 strokes takes off faster and 4 strokes endes up going faster depends what ur doing


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