2003 RM125 big bore/ more power

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2003 RM125 big bore/ more power

my friend rides a stock 2003 rm125 he wants to race in 250f class and needs more power...i told him to get an expansion chamber.....new reeds....and a port and polish....he wants to get a big bore kit and i was wondering who makes one, thanks for the help and advice guys, also if there is any other easy power upgrades please tell me...

get new exhaust and a UNI air
get new exhaust and a UNI air filter, jet it, get the head shaved to boost compression, V-Force reeds, port and polish, any aluminum or billet parts he can get his hands on to loose weight, and a UFO(a nifty little dooey that goes into the bottom of the slide on round slide carbs to reduce edges that effect air flow disruptions). and having more power isnt all it takes for a 125 to be competitive with a 250f. he should get the suspension done and set buy a professional to make the bike handel better.
k so, im pretty sure getting
k so, im pretty sure getting a "big bore" kinda eliminates u from the 125/250f class. also billet and aluminum are the same thing, thats what billet aluminum is. i highly agree with yz_kid though about suspension revalving. it is a must. yes it is expensive but u WILL shave time off of your lap time. a nice clutch set will also help things out.
big bore
you are allowed to race a 125 bored to a 144 in a 250f class, this is why KTM came out with there 144
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