660 Raptor vs. yfz 450

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yes but its a 2 stroke..

yes but its a 2 stroke...i think thats what he ment by saying its a 700

yfz's and raptors

well i would definatly have to go with the yfz i have had mine for a while...i have raced almost everything around here they cant even keep up...the yfz is probly one of the best bikes that has been put out they have plenty of power stock..but if you ride a yfz that has been built right they have great top and bottom end..my yfz right now runs 115... it takes off quick outta the hole... they are great for trail and track...

raptors are not really that good of a trail bike thet are to light in the front end..

if you want a good bike go with the yfz..

there isnt ne thing that can even hold a light to a yfz besides a fucking drag banshee

Ur obviously an idiot because

Ur obviously an idiot because a raptor weighs 80 more pounds than a yfz does so that 210 ccs doesnt even matter so u can shut ur whore mouth!


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