Acerbis Moto Gear

In 1973 Franco Acerbis signed on as a mechanic for the Italian enduro team and found himself on an airplane headed for the USA. During his trip he met the likes of rising star Steve McQueen as well as plastics pioneer, Preston Petty. It was on this trip when the idea was born. On a loan from friends and family and with absolutely no English language skills, Franco hopped on another USA bound plane to sell Preston his proposal for importing Petty fenders into Italy. After three days Franco had a contract for 12 months in his hand and was ready to get to work. In his first year he imported 100 plastic fenders for distribution in Italy and southern Europe. By the third year he'd reached 40,000.

When Preston discontinued production of plastic fenders Franco found himself at the head of the market with no product to deliver. This is when Acerbis began to produce their own products.

In 1979, the one man enterprise grew into a small factory and production expanded to include rotation and vacuum molding. During the next decade Acerbis became a world leader in fuel tank production, revolutionizing the manufacturing process through the utilization of painted nylon PA6.

Today Acerbis consists of three company headquarters in Italy and an American branch located in San Diego, California. Its distribution network supplies 43 countries around the globe with over 1,800 different Acerbis products. The company's list of esteemed OEM clients includes Aprilia, BMW, Cagiva, Ducati, Honda, KTM, Triumph and Yamaha and contributes to an annual production of more than 4,000,000 different parts in plastic.

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