Is AHonda Crf 250 To Big For A 15 year old?

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Is AHonda Crf 250 To Big For A 15 year old?

hey everyone, just a few questions for you. im 14 years old and i weigh 55kg. im getting a motorbike at the end of the year and by then i will be 15. i was thinking about getting the crf 230 but then i thought the crf 230 has got 223cc and the crf 250 has got 249cc. theres not that much difference but if i got the crf 250 i could have it for longer. i dont have much riding experience but have ridden friends bikes. so the crf 250 or the crf 230. What are your thoughts? (if theres any other bikes you think are better, please let me know) catcha later

crf 230
if i were you i would get the 230 its an off road bike the 250 is mx/sx
well first of all r u talking about the crf 250r (racing bike) or r u talking about the crf250x (offroad) and there IS a huge difference between the 230 and the 250. i have a 250r. at first i was thinking about getting the 230 but i figured i would out grow it so i got a 250. im also 15. i moved from an xr 100 to the 250r and i wasnt ready for it. and i have been riding for around 5 yrs.and just b/c the 230 has a 223cc engine and the 250 has a 249cc that doesnt mean there close in power or anything cause there not. the 250 is way more powerful. my friend has a 230 and i rode it and it is wicked sluggish compared to mine. Scars mean nothing without a sweet story. '04 CRF 250r
if u have not been riding much i would get the 230 cause i just got the crf250r and i raced 85s for 2 years and it was still kindof a big leap for me but eather one is a nice bike k, peace
honda crf 250
Im 15 and looking at a crf 150 it is the same frame as a 200-250 i have been wanting a bike for a few years and i might finaly get one tomarow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
crf 150
I dont know how long i am going to be abe to ride the crf 150 but all that i know is that you grow out of the frame and not the engine.
im 13 and i got a crf230 and i was looking at crf250s there not 2 much size difference but im fairly big 4 my age so...... depends
go crf250r
mate go for the crf250 ther a peace of piss to ride they have to be one of the easyest bikes im 15 and ride a ktm250sx and a crf250r and the 250 is so easy u will love it
If your 15 the most stupidest thing you could do is buy a CRF230 or 250 they both are way to big for a first time rider and you will get scared and not ride any more a be 3 grand in the hole get a XR100 or CRF150 dumb shit
sounds like your a bit of a pussy then
Which bike?
im 14 and i am soon getting a new bike. its either going to be a crf250r or a yz250f. i do alot of jumping and stuff like that in pits. what bike should i get?
um so ur 15 and u dont have m
um so ur 15 and u dont have much experince if i were u i would start out on a 2 stroke 125 then move up to that 250 u want, im 13 and i have a yz 125 but ive been riding for a long time
which one
im 13 and ive never ridden b4 but i wanna start and get a bike. I think ill outgrow the crf150f really fast. I like the crf230f but someone suggested the ttr230. What should i get peace
CRF is Better
The CRF is a lot better in many ways as it has Dual exhaust showa shocks and it is a honda. Buy the CRF If you buy the YZ you will regret it
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i think you shiuld get a 125
<P>i think you shiuld get a 125 four strock if your a new rider and have not much experiance</P>
Start on a 4 stroke , you
<p>Start on a 4 stroke , you wont be sorry.</p>
In my idea its not the bike
<p>In my idea its not the bike that you have to pick its the riders experience and knowledge that matter. If you are confident enough to own the CRF 250 than go ahead.</p>
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