AMA National Hare Scrambles; Round 2, Hollister, CA

The second round of the AMA National Hare Scrambles was held in Hollister, CA and the conditions were dry, dusty and hard packed.

Ohio resident Robbie Jenks jumped off the line in the top group and battled with Nathan Woods and Ricky Dietrich throughout the entire three hour and fifteen minute race until the rain started to come down. The 12-mile loop mainly consisting of fire roads started getting more and more treacherous as lapped-traffic became thicker and Jenks got caught behind them.

A great effort was put forth by Robbie and he finished his day in third.

AMA National Hare Scrambles Results (Top 3)

1. Nathan Woods
2. Ricky Dietrich
3. Robbie Jenks KTM

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