Anaheim SX Round 1 - 250

After bypassing the podium presentation for the 125 event due to the atrocious conditions, the 250 event was held in a shortened 12 lap format.

Ricky Carmichael got the holeshot, and James Stewart dropped it in the whoops on the first lap, dropping him to around 15th place, with Carmichael lapping him later in the race, just before Carmichael fell, and was unable to lift the bike up due to the slippery conditions for some time.

Kevin Windham took over the lead, with Chad Reed keeping in touch with him in the mud.

Carmichael made an impressive run back to the lead, still doubling the jumps when all others were rolling the jumps.

Reeds bike forced him into the pits on lap 8, effectively ending his chance at a win. Windham also went down but recovered to stay in the lead from Carmichael who was still trying to get the lead back.

Kevin Windham won the race, with the 450 perhaps proving a little more tractable int he mud than the 250 two strokes of the majority of the field.

Ricky Carmichael brought home third place, with Mike LaRocco taking home second place.

It was a wild race, with almost all riders dropping their bike at least once, and the announcers not even sure who was winning on the last lap. Be sure to check it out on ESPN2 tomorrow.

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