Auto Clutch KLX 110

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Auto Clutch KLX 110

Im 11 and i was going to get a ktm 85 but my dad said no beacuse of the clutch. He wants me to get a KLX 110 now so i can learn gears first. Is that a good plan?

ktm 85

id get the ktm 85 if you can fit it good right now. clutchs dont take long to figure out you should have it figured out in your first day.


a clutch isnt hard to master. I learned at 10 on an xr75. I just got my son a ttr 125 for his birthday (110), I looked at the klx but thought I would have to sell it in a year. But a KTM is a serious race bike. It wluld be a good idea to possibly get a tamer bike to learn on. What are you going to use the bike for? remember the ktm is a race bike high proformance/ high matainance. It is not legal on most public lands (state and federal mantained forests and trails).

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