Big guy for a big bike?

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Big guy for a big bike?

I am currently looking at a 690 Enduro-R or a 690/990 Supermoto. The issue is, I have little exp on bikes. I can handle a 250 with ease and it really does not do the trick for me - as I am 6' 3" and 220... Can I get a little advise on what size I should start out with and not grow out of anytime soon? I am going to be riding in town, on the highway and dirt.


practical advice
<P>hey my friend, you are suggested to go to the dirt bike shop, and have a try on pearson, then get a better understanding on the approprite one to decide which one to buy.</P> <P>maybe you can try on my bike, TTR-CM-T1-1,&nbsp; visit <A href=""></A> to know more.</P>
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