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dirtbike website upgraded

Posted by simon

I've been working on it for a while, and finally did the complete upgrade on the website to the latest drupal version.

Some things, like buddies need to be re-established, but there are lots of new features that can now be taken advantage of, for example, this should appear on my twitter account automatically.

Lets see if that works

Amidst a press release announcing staff cuts, and decreased production plans, KTM also confirmed that they will be producing an Electric powered dirtbike by 2011.

Visit for the full details.

I'm looking forward to these bikes, and can't wait to see them on the dealership floors. I'm very curious to see how the performance and battery live compare to the current offerings from and

Do you know of any others?


Husky resurface planned

Posted by simon

After almost 2 years without a single ride, the Husky is about to receive some love.

Last time I rode the beast, I had a small high side incident which tweaked the Tomaselli bars just enough to be annoying. Rode it again next day, but definitely time for a new set.

I was in my local dirtbike store - Tucker Motorcycles - killing time while my ute had some tyres changed, and as I need a new set of bars, I had a look at what they had in stock.



Posted by simon
I've not been getting much (any) riding in lately due to moving house and work commitments. However, winter has hit with a vengeance this weekend, and the grass is greening up, and the bike should come out of the shed soon!

I'll try and post some pics and more when it finally does.