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Roonya Ride

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17 eager riders lined up on a fine & warm winter’s day! 5 new members were champing at the bit – were they in for an initiation or what! Another sea of yellow as is becoming the norm lately, 1 VERY new.

1 with a new battery needed a push, maybe the cheapy $80 battery is not as good as the $180 genuine! We hit the tracks while Stoney drove backup to the luncheon rendevous with jerries & bbq & food.

The aforesaid newy with Ian aboard tasted the sand three times that I know of & twice that I saw, giving both bike & rider a sand initiation without any damage.

After a fair bit of railway track track with a choice of about 4 tracks as usual we turned south & headed for some “new

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Posted by simon

Unfortunately, I've had to change the policy of allowing anyone to anonymously comment on content on this site.

This is primarily due to Casio spammers posting thousands of comments over the last week or so. Most of them are removed automatically, or manually by myself.

Unfortunately, once again its the minority who will affect the majority in a negative way.

Assist us, and other websites by simply saying NO to online gambling. Maybe they'll eventually get the message.

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It seems that cyclenews have been amongst the first to get the hands on the new KTM 250SXF twin cam screamer.

Sounds pretty nice if you want a 250 Four Stroke. I'm sure there will be quite a few people waiting to see them arrive in Australia in registerable form.

I know of one old style (01/02?) KTM 250EXC Four Stroke that gets the crap revved out of it regularly (and did a suspected oil ring last weekend).

The twin cam beastie might be able to stand up to that sort of constant hammerin better than the old single cam.

Time will tell.

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TE510 Gearing

Posted by simon

After Pauls Ride, I decided that the TE could handle being geared a little higher, which would also make it work less at cruising speed.

It comes standard with a 14 tooth front sprocket, and a 50 tooth rear. On purchase i'd got the 14 replaced with a 15, as I'd already heard that it was geared low.

On thumpertalk, some guys have gone to a 16 tooth front, but it can hit the shifter on downshifts.