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Talk about going from one extreme to the other! Waist deep in a swamp last week & covered in sweat & flies this week.

7 intrepid riders for-went Bathurst on the telly & braved the 30+ degree heat to once again do battle with the elements for fun. Only 2 KTMs, 2 reds, 2 Yams & a DRZ headed out of town about 10.30am & after a measly 1 k on the black stuff we hit the dirt track by the railway line heading northish for Loxton.

Already it was hot, but not too bad zipping along at a good clip, until Mike

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Well, I'm starting to look around for a replacement for the trusty WR250F, and
have been doing some serious web surfing looking at whats out there. It has
to be road registerable in Australia, but I'm not stuck on getting a four
stroke, and would consider a two stroke 200/250/300 without to many problems.

What has struck me the most is how impressive a feat KTM have actually done in
the last few years with their marketing and their bike range.

They have 200/250/300 two strokes which are class leaders, and they have

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Earlier this year, I took my daughter to see Evanescence in concert.

Silly me thought it was a girly band, and I would be sitting there bored.

However, it turns out that playing live, they are really a metal band with a particularly girly sounding lead singer.

I was quite impressed. There were also a couple of other bands playing - Full Scale, an Australian band, and Finger11, out of Canada (I think).

Overall it was quite a good night, with the first two bands really going off, and Evanescence topping it off.

Here are some links to checkout:

Full Scale:

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VOR530 Review

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Since before I bought my 02 WR250F almost two years ago, I've been eyeing off the VOR 530 & 400/450 bikes with a keen eye. I got a good deal on the WR, and so the VOR went out the window for a little while, but with reviews like I've been reading lately, I'm starting to have wicked thoughts about those black weapons again.

The Australian distributors are pushing these bikes a bit, so checkout some of the reviews here:

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OK, Its not to do with dirtbikes, just a bit of a rant.

I occasionally buy and sell things off ebay, heck they have enough
items/transactions there to last a few lifetimes.

But why is it so goddam slow? And i'm talking about just the intro page, my
ebay etc.

Its not like there is heavy graphical content! I understand that pictures in
items for sale will take longer, and have no problems with that.

But just by using it and browsing around, I have to conclude that its the
slowest site on the 'net.

It looks like its running Microsoft IIS, perhaps thats the problem, it

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