Goncalves steeled for good result in Sunday's MX2 GP in Portugal

While luck escaped Red Bull KTM Factory Racing's Rui Goncalves in the qualifying race for his home MX2 GP in Portugal on Saturday, he remains confident of a top result on Sunday.
Cheered on by a big crowd of home supporters and fresh from is first career GP victory in Valkenswaard, Rui shot out of the gates for a great start and although he had some problems with arm pump in the opening stages, he looked set for a solid race. Lying in second place in his sixth lap, he then got bumped by another rider and crashed out. After restarting the bike he did make a good recovery moving from fifteenth place to his final twelfth and remains very optimistic for the start tomorrow.

"It's the best feeling to be coming here to my home race after my win at Valkenswaard. Tomorrow I will have all my family and friends here to support me and although I didn't have too much luck today, race day is different and I want a good result. I have an awesome bike and it will be a very emotional experience to race in front of my home crowd," Rui said after Saturday's qualifying.

The team also reported positive news from injured factory rider Shaun Simpson, who has now been released from hospital and is on the road to recovery after suffering a number of leg fractures. Although Shaun is expected to be out for some three months doctors are already pleased with his rate of recovery and he hopes to be in Mallory Park as a spectator at the end of the month.

Results MX2 Qualifying Race
1. Steven Frossard, France, Kawasaki, 24:10.240
2. Davide Guarneri, Italy, Yamaha, 24:15.780
3. Loic Larrieu, France, Yamaha, 24:19.488
4. Jeremy van Horebeek, Belgium, 24:21.610
5. Gautier Paulin, France, Kawasaki, 24:24.474
Other KTM
8. Marcus Schiffer, Germany, 24:42.897
11. Arnaud Tonus, Switzerland, KTM, 24:52.209
12. Rui Goncalves, Portugal, KTM, 24:56.380
15. Stephen Sword, Britain, KTM25:04.495