With more dust, rocks and DNF’s, Day 2 of the A4DE took no mercy on competitors, yet didn’t falter the powerful team of Chris Hollis and his Husqvarna TE450.

As riders retraced the beaten tracks of day one, the increasingly dry course further deteriorated into a brutal combination of powder-filled ruts and exposed rock between the trees.

In true A4DE style, the extreme conditions were forcing the best of riders to make costly mistakes, though Hollis maintained the focus to fight with Jarrod Bewley for outright honors.

“Yeah, I had a reasonable day. I didn’t feel all that fast in the tests but I’m feeling strong. It’s really hard to ride the loose powder between the trees – I’m getting into some ruts and missing others. I’ve just tried to ride it as I see it without thinking about a faster way to get through the stuff. I had decent crash in the last grass track test though; I was sweeping wide through a rutted turn and something in the loose powder clipped my front wheel out from under me. It bit me hard and I face planted in the dust, which I think has cost me the lead for today”

With an extra loop of rocky terrain and some pine forest mapped into the remote part of the course, Hollis would again navigate virgin trails during the first half of the day alongside Jarrod Bewley and Toby Price.

While Bewley’s performance has given him a 5-second lead for day 2, Hollis is confident in resuming Husqvarna’s control of the A4DE outright title.

“Whatever I’m doing seems to be working, so I’m just gonna get back out there tomorrow and stay on the bike. I think I was a bit tough on myself today in thinking that I wasn’t doing very well, but then I guess the other boys are having their own battle with the conditions too. It’s tough on the body and the bike, but my Husky is loving it! I’m just gonna screw my head on tomorrow and get the job done”

Hollis’ team mate Jehi Willis finished another solid day aboard his WR300 and continues to lead class 5 ahead of KTM’s Brad Williscroft.

“I felt pretty good today, but just tried to ride smooth and not crash. You can easily throw your position away out there, so I’m just concentrating on holding my lead. I pulled a 10-second gap on Wonka yesterday, so I’m hoping I’ve done the same today. I’ve got to keep smooth and stay strong on the bike, which is basically what I’m going to do tomorrow.”

Day 2 Outright
1st Jarrod Bewley Yamaha
2nd Chris Hollis Husqvarna
3rd Toby Price Kawasaki
10th Jehi Willis Husqvarna

Class 4
1st Jehi Willis Husqvarna
2nd Brad Williscroft Ktm
3rd Geoff Braico Ktm

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