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I Need Some Help

 Hey im not new to riding im just used to quads and atcs since i was about 7 years old...im planning to get a dirtbike soon and i want to know wat bike would be good for me...i just turned 14 im 5'7'' and weigh 125lbs...i plan on getting a cheap bike that can at least keep up with a 2004 yamaha blaster but jus to use for trail riding not racing or extreme jumps or anything like that jus to ride around like a normal person...so tell me wat u can that can help...plz help/give advice...thx!

re help

first thing are u used to riding a 2 stroke or 4 stroke? i think u should look in to a 2 stroke if u been riding 4 stroke they have a lot of power and speed plus they are way cheaper to rebuild next thing that conserns me is what size  quad r u used to riding? i ask because a 250 2 stroke is way faster than a 500 4 stroke so if u get a 2 stroke try to get a 100 or 125 and u will smoke a blaster with no prob. especially being onle 125 lbs youl love a 2 stroke but please be careful there a lot different fron a 4 stroke. hope i helped.


wel ive nvr owned a bike i jus used my cousins' bikes they hav an 84 honda 250r(racing bike, not sure if its 2 or 4 stroke, but its faster than their blaster for sure, its the one i use the most wen we go riding) and normal size quads like 250s and a 230(4 strokes)...iv nvr actually driven a dirtbike and i want to...but right now im just lookin to see wat i should get im gonna get a job soon or any way to make money but my guess is that ill hav enough money in a year or so depending on how much $ it costs

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