Day three of Australia’s biggest enduro race became a test of absolute fitness, as the extremely chopped-out tests and trails proved a punishing course for all riders. Husqvarna Racing’s Jehi Willis will go into the class 5 final moto with a six-second lead over Brad Williscroft. Willis is confident he can pull a good start on his WR300, which he’ll use to keep Williscroft out of reach of the top podium spot.

“I wasn’t sure how I’d pull up after today, given I made a few mistakes in the tests, but I’m happy I’ve still got the lead. It’s definitely going to be on tomorrow – I’ll be giving it my all to bring the win home for Husqvarna and keep the old Black Piston (Williscroft) at bay till the finish line.”

Husqvarna Racing’s Chris Hollis kept a consistent pace in the tough conditions, avoiding any mistakes in approaching the end of a long day.

“I didn’t feel on my game today – I just knew I was being too cautious to avoid any mistakes. It was just one of those days were I felt I’d crash or make mistakes if I pushed any harder. The tests were a little better being reversed and they have changed a lot since day one, but it’s a pity we’re still smashing-up the same tracks over and over. I had some fun on the new bit of trail out on the loop today, but I’m disappointed I haven’t made any ground on Bewley and Price in the tests.”

Day Four’s “final moto” will form the grand finale of the event, where all riders will be segregated into their respective classes for a bar-to-bar six-lap motocross race. This will be the last chance for Hollis to make any ground on Price and Bewley, though he is confident in landing a spot on the outright podium for Husqvarna Australia.

“I’m pretty sure Bewley has pulled a good lead today, so I’ll focus on getting a good start and running at the front of the pack. It’s a long shot to make any real ground back on Bewley and Price in the moto, but then it’s not over till it’s over and I’ll just make the most of it. Realistically, I’ve gotta get a good run on AJ Roberts, as he’s sitting third in line on the podium spot. I’m pretty confident the Husky will blast out of the gate though ... then I’ll just get busy racing.”

2009 A4DE Day 3 Outright Top-10 (Provisional)
1. Jarrod Bewley Yamaha
2. Toby Price Kawasaki
3. AJ Roberts Honda
4. Chris Hollis Husqvarna

Class 5
1st Jehi Willis Husqvarna
2nd Brad Williscroft KTM

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