KTM Glen Helen Four-Stroke National Race Report - USA

Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM rider Searle, current KTM Junior Team riders Anstie and Weeck plus Factory KTM Canada riders Northrop and Phillips all showed up to compete at the 22nd running of the MTA World Four-Stroke Championship at Glen Helen Raceway.
Anstie and Searle lined up at the gate first for moto number one of the 250F Pro class. Anstie got a great jump from the gate and rounded the first turn in 2nd right behind the Pro Circuit/Kawasaki ride of Austin Stroupe. Searle was a few positions back rounding out the top five. As the moto continued Anstie and Stroupe began to pull from the pack. Searle struggled with arm pump and was able to hang on to 6th at the end of the first moto while Anstie stayed consistent and finished 2nd only six seconds behind moto one winner Austin Stroupe.

In moto number two, Anstie launched his KTM up front early to grab the holeshot and lead the pack. Searle was involved in a crash immediately after the start. He spent the majority of the moto charging through the pack to gain positions. Meanwhile, Anstie was riding a great race out front. He held the lead until Stroupe was able to get by in a sand section. Anstie remained close and finished 2nd once again for 2nd overall. Searle was able to charge up to 4th place. His 6-4 scores earned him 4th overall for the day. "I had a lot of fun today and was really happy with my results," commented Anstie. He continued, "I was a little nervous lining up on the gate before the moto since so many great riders came out today. It was good to finally race with them and get an idea of how my endurance and speed is against top riders. I am really looking forward to the Glen Helen Motocross National."

Tommy Weeck, Jeff Northrop and Mason Phillips showed up at Glen Helen prepared to compete in the 450/Open Pro class aboard their KTM 450SX-F machines. Weeck had a horrible start in the first moto when he had one rider swap out in front of him and another crash forcing him to slam on the brakes and lose valuable positions before finding a line around them. "The first moto was tough. I started near the back after a horrible start and moved into 4th position. Then I crashed on my own because I was just overriding the bike. I charged up into the top five again, only to crash a second time. By the time I recovered I was in 8th and pretty far back from the leaders, so that's where I finished," reported Weeck. Northrop finished 7th in moto one and Phillips finished just outside the top ten in 11th.

In moto two, Weeck's luck changed. "I jumped out front early and was sitting in 2nd at the beginning of the race. Unfortunately, I made a mistake and allowed two riders to pass me when I over shot a berm. I recovered and was able to hang on for 4th." His 8-4 scores were solid enough for 4th overall. Northrop stayed consistent and finished 7th in the second moto earning 6th overall for the day while his teammates 11-10 finishes secured 8th place overall.

Overall Results 250F Pro
1. Austin Stroupe
2. Max Anstie - KTM
3. Dean Wilson
4. Tommy Searle - KTM
5. Matthew Lemoine
6. Jake Canada
7. Bobby Garrison
8. Kyle Mace
9. Austin Howell
10. Chris Gosselaar

Overall Results 450/Open Pro
1. Weston Peick
2. Trent Pugmire
3. Travis Baker
4. Tommy Weeck - KTM
5. Bobby Garrison
6. Jeff Northrop - KTM
7. Nick Brozovich
8. Mason Phillips - KTM
9. Jeff Loop
10. Richie Leech