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New bike

Well i sold the trusty yz125 on and upgraded to a 04 sx200, This bike was so hard to come across because they only made them for 2 years. But lads its one hell of a bike to ride Its so torqy and very quick It would out run the new 07 sx250. More power and speed than a cr250. I raced 125s and 250fs and just no chance for them you can lift the bike in most gears. The bike has so much torque it comes standard with a 380sx flywheel in it to tame it down thinking of putting 14/44 gearing on it to tame it down a bit more till i get use to it, Whats great is they come with lighting coils so i can hook lights up for when im racing enduros no need for battries. Needs a few little things done to it before i start racing it But here is a pic looks shabby in the pic. [IMG]

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That is one nice bike and i hope you enjoy it
nice i love ktmz 2 strokes ES
nice i love ktmz 2 strokes ESPECIALY THE SX 125 the only 125 2 stroke i would take since i recently have upgraded to the rmz 250
Yeah ive got yellow side pane
Yeah ive got yellow side panels on it now and stuff so its looking alot better, Going out riding today woo love it :). Only prob is i have to run it in the 250 class at mx, My friend says its not really a problem for the bike so i hope hes tellin the truth. Only prob i have with the bike is keeping the front down so hard.
thats a nice bike but i highl
thats a nice bike but i highly doubt that it can beat a cr 250r it could probably catch up but th e cr250r would probably take it eh?
Trust me ive got use to
Trust me ive got use to this bike now that ive had it a few months. I can say it this thing is a 250 well may as well be one. Ive had no problem keeping with other 250s it even goes faster than them due to having a 6 speed gear box.
I've heard before that the
I&#39;ve heard before that the 200&#39;s are supposed to be very nice bikes. Its good to hear that reinforced again. I think the lightness of them would be one of the greatest advantages.
new ktm trouble
Stupid woman i.e. me just bought first second hand ktm for 12yr old son. Its a sx 125. Dropped the oil out and it looks like metallic gun metal grey nail polish. Should it? Does it take a special oil or is it wear? Somebody with ktm knowledge help me please.
<P>hi guys i am almost 15 years old and&nbsp;i am &nbsp;riding from my 5 . I used to have an yamaha 50cc i dont remember model . i was riding it till i was 9 . from then i couldnt fit so i was riding my fathers bike an 125cc hond innova . i love KTM i wonder which one is a good to get . any opinion ?</P>
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