Potentially broken TE510

I've had the 2005 TE 510 now since March 2005, and its been fantastic. But.....

Last weekend, I went for a short ride, and thought that the engine had developed a "knock".

I took it down to the Bills Motorcycles in Adelaide today for a diagnosis, and while they've not pulled it to bits yet, they think that it sounds bad, and the oil plug has quite a lot of metal on it. Sooo.. they're guessing big end bearing, and it looks like I might be up for a complete engine rebuild (eeek!).

If it goes that way, I'll be very disappointed, as I have changed the oil way more than required, doing it every 500km's or so, and during the first 2 year warranty period, I had it serviced by the book.

Has anybody else had a problem with the Huskies like this? Some hunting through the forums doesn't turn up heaps of matches, so I feel that maybe i've just got a bad one.

I spoke to the dealer and importer, and they also said that its not common at all.

Love to get some feedback from other Husky owners. I'm off now to post on a couple of forums as well for some feedback.