i have just recently destroyed my dirtbike, and was wondering if i should fix it and keep riding it or buy a new one, and if so which dirtbike would fit me? i am 5'6 and 130 pounds.



hey dude i would def buy a new bike. I recently sold my 2002 ttr 125. i destroyed mine too by completely submerging it under water. it cost me like 500 bucks in parts to fix it. i know ima dumbass lol. i can see why you bought it tho, prolly cus it sits really low. you should def uprade to a yz125 atleast. im 5'8" and riding a yz250. 2 stroke is the way to go. but if you wanna stick with the 4 stroker then get a yzf125. they sit higher than a ttr and the wheels are larger wich makes it easier to get thru rough terain. its a much smoother ride on the trails with a bigger bike.
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A 2 stroke for a man that is 5'6 130 lbs would be perfect maybe a 125 if you know how to ride

I think that you should go with the yz125 for a new bike because your the perfect size for it im 5'3 120 pounds and riding 250 2 stroke i wish i was your size i have to side sattle my bike. And if you want a four stroke the ttr230 is a nice bike with a lower seat hight.