xr200r upgrades?

hey i have a XR200r 2002 i am wondrin about things i can do to get more power out of it? i have taken the baffle out of the exhaust but it is still a bit empty powered in higher revs. i am 14, 5'9". i do avlot of trailrides been riding since november last year. my dad has a crf450x i have ridden it and now i feel my bike is like a peewee i want more power! :)
can you help?


you lose power when you take out the baffel but you can saw the spark arrestor off then the best thing you can do is jet it out

Honestly, it isn't worth modding that XR200.  I would suggest stepping up to an XR250, or a CRF250X.  Better brakes, suspension, and night and day power difference.  You could add exhaust and re-jet your XR200 but the gains will be minimal.  I would just get the bigger bike!