CR 125 or KX 125

I have a 1995 YZ 125 and I am looking to buy another bike. Which do you think is better? A CR125 or a KX 125?

I Have a YZ125 but if I were to get another bike, it would definatley be a KX over a CR. You moght even look at an RM.

hey i have got a 95 ys125 to they rock i have done mine up so its as good as a 02 it rocks i would not get another bike if i were u i would just get new graphics and a few tune ups like new flywheel and reeds and stuff like that u would have the best 95 yz around just like me lol but ide defo get the kx i have seen some crs and they get run down very easy and plus honda are behind in there 2 strokes but i would get a crf250 if i were u then u have a choice or a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke cause honda are very much the best in the 4 stroke range

they dont make kx 125 over in canada anymore,i dunno if its the same in the us,but they arent anymore kx for sale,but of course u could get one used,but it would be a bitch to find parts for since they dont make kx 125 parts go with a yz 125

ive got a ktm sx125 n id say it has pissed over all ov them.. iv rode them all and they were all newer than mine. id have too say yz was the better of the lot...the power was there as soon as u wanted it.

man unless u can ride at a high level it doesnt matter wat new 125 u buy! u could probly buy a hopped up used one thats faster and stronger than brand new ones. But out of cr and kx id say "ride red"!!!


i have to agree i love my 95 yz125 but i have to say the ktm sx125 really nice bike buy the newer one cause i dont like the way the coolent lid sticks out over the side scoops but other than that there nice as for the young lad bein able for the 250f im really not sure ide say get something smaller :D

sx 125 kicks arss but the cr125 is a better bike

no way ive seen cr125 v a sx125 race cause the two lad i hang round with own them and the sx hops of all them haha cr is poo dont buy a honda unless its a crf

honda makes awesome bikes just because a ktm beat one doesnt mean that there poo it just means that the katooms rider was better.

em no pretty much every body knows honda make the best 4 strokes and even the mags say that the crfs are the best 4 stroke but all so honda are putting so much into havein the best 4 strokes that there 2 strokes are not the best 2 strokes now cause they are putting every thing into the 4 and even when i tryed to wheele the cr the bottom end was scrap and when i tryed the ktm it just went up like no prob

id have 2 say neither because rigt naw the yz and sx are on top for 2 strokes goooooo ktms and yammys