Dakar 2006: 3rd stage: Nador > Er Rachidia (02.01.2006)

Then Africa… And The Double Andys’ Day

Do You remember the scenery we was speaking about in our first contact? We are there now. Europeis now a souvenir, Mediterranean sea also. From now the main scene will be filled of the colours of the desert. Deep, dazzling blue an shining yellow in the first part of the journey, then red soil and green trees in the following one. Until the blue ocean. Anywhere a consisting risk of foggy dust. Not in Er Rachidia, the small town that the riders joined this afternoon at the end of the last connection section of the stage. In this scenario the pilots sometimes will meet rock mountains and plateaux, but rarely. For sure they will encounter any kind of difficulties along their long travel across northern African mainland. But for the moment any kilometre covered by the riders is useful to the riders in order to tuning the bikes and themselves. It is very important to synchronize the characteristic of the conduit with that ones of the track. For example. Today’s stage was long and fast. Not the two transfer sections of 237 and 121 kms, but mainly the special test of 312 km. The riders encountered many changes of direction, and they have to face a speed limit monitor for the first time. “For me it was an annoying stage

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