Difference Between YZ250 WR250

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Difference Between YZ250 WR250

Can some one give a good description of the difference of a WR vs a YZ 250?

wr is a 4 stroke trail bike..

wr is a 4 stroke trail bike... with a head light and kickstand.. yz 250 is a 2 stroke race bike.... made for the track..

As far as i know u can get a

As far as i know u can get a wr250 2stroke but the main diff would be the diffrent type of power the yz would be a lot more snapper but the wr would have a more spread out powerband.

about the same

their about the same you can race the both on the track but the wr250 is more a trail bike but it is taking over motorcross b/c they are not useing two-strokes any more. i dont know why but four-strokes are the future.


Hey yeah... like they was sayen... WRs a good a MX and trial and enduro bike etc.... they both have alot of power.. but the YZ being a typical 2 stroke is more snappier.... for an all round good bike. Go the WR!

and im pretty sure ya cant get a WR 2stroke buddy.


Ya u dont get a WR 2-Stroke.A

Ya u dont get a WR 2-Stroke.And u can take a WR on a track but it isnt for that the YZF is a 4-stroke racing in the yamaha range and the yz250 is equvilent to the WR450 is speed.YZ,YZF for track and WR for enduro that is it.


I ride a WR and most of the people I ride with have YZ's in my experience there are several differences. Weight, the YZ is litter by about 20LBS. The WR has a tail light and head light, On new models it's electric start. I honestly don't notices a severe power difference, I can do pretty much whatever they can do. The YZ is also cheaply designed to save that 20LBS. No kick stand, NO Oring chain, No easy grab handles on the sides of the bike, Much smaller gas tank, and the WR is a little less maintenance required. In my Opinion if your not racing then go with the WR, For off road and pit rideing it's a more practical bike.


Well I bought a Wr 250 it is a 92 but is a 2 stroke. A spappy 2 stroke I might add.
Thanks for your input.

WR stroke, Yes you do!!

WR stroke, Yes you do!! Haa muddafukka i cant get jiggy wiff deez sheet.

you do get a WR250 2stroke. maybe just not in your country.

they where to my knowledge discontinued pre 2000 in South Africa, and we then only got the 4strokes.


WR250 2t VS YZ250 2t

 the WR is the ednuro version of the YZ.

YZ bare basic bike, high performance, all power is high in rev range, no frills. just speed on a short track. not built to last. small tank. as races are on short distances.


WR basically the same bike. heavier flywheel for more lowdown torque. different pipe design for smoother power band. longer gear ratio for cross country riding.

had a stator to generate power for lights.

shocks and breaks on YZ better than on WR.


WR not as powerful as YZ, by that i mean not as raw and explosive. more matured if i can say. with the same manic 2stroke power us true stickwheel riders have learnt to love!!!

Less hassles than the YZ and built to last longer.


Have fun!!!


I bought mine yesterday, only burned it for 200meters on a tar road!!! cant wait to get hom and destroy my local park....





just to let you know. you can get a WR 2stroke....i have one. it is a 96 yamaha wr 250...get on google and look them up. there are plenty of them out there. it is the same thing as a yz except its a little heavier. but it has a 2.9 gallon fuel tank on it. i can keep up with a yz any day.

Yamaha wr

To wheels u do get a wr 2stroke I had 2 of them so far and I will easily say that there is not really a big diffrence between the 2 bikes the wr has a wide gearbox ratio where the yz has a short one so u can fly thru the gears many poeple with a yz fit the wr gearbox in them

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