Do i need to re jet my 06 kx125 for and fmf sst?

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Do i need to re jet my 06 kx125 for and fmf sst?

yeh i just bought anfmf sst down pipe for an 06kx 125, does anyone know if i need to re jet the carb and if so what do i need to do? thanks

first of all u cant rejet a o6 kx 125 cuz they dont exsist at least a in the united states and otherwise wat ever year it is the jets should probly be fine
ya he does have u there, i th
ya he does have u there, i think they stopped makin them in 04 or 05. however watever bike it is it needs a rejettin if you put a pipe on it. it will run without anything but if you want to get every last drop of power out of the pipe then rejet. <A HREF=""> ---Mototips June Giveaway, Check It Out Here---</a>
oh yer sorry forsot to mentio
oh yer sorry forsot to mention that i live in the uk and everyone is still making the 2 strokes over here so dont think im talking crap when i say its an 06 kx125 but thanks for the help just wandering if it would need jetting as i cant find any jet kits etc
Go onto the fmf website it wi
For a 04 kx125 cant see it been much diff Main Jet: 410-420 Pilot Jet: STOCK Needle: STOCK Needle Position: 3RD Power Jet: STOCK Air Screw: 1.5 Fuel Screw: N/A
ya but the elevation is way d
ya but the elevation is way different from where you are to the uk probly so you will need to change the jet according to elevation as well. and you have a 410 jet in a 125. shit i have a 265 in my yz
Thanks for this information.
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