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hey just thought everyone ought to know that gas gas sucks and they break down all the time

Based on?

Can you tell us your experiences that cause you to say this?

The only reason they break do

The only reason they break down is because of people like you who probably rag them to death, that way they wont last long will they?

gas gas maybe not suck

tell me why it sucks???


My mates 300ec is in its 4th season of cross country. Had repeated problems with the forks (WP), seals, oil leaking out the top. Other than that a good bike. Build quality not as good as KTM though.

LOL...Why the fuck they bult so wierd

They Look Like they would kill ur nuts lol...iam not making fun but i dont think i could handle riding them up and down hills from them banging my nuts to death..Does anyone know why they built like that???


I think until you ride one ,You wont undertsand how good these machines are ..I own a 04 FSE 450 with Ohlins sus all round , I ride near on everyweekend and dont have any real trouble with the bike at all ...But then again I know how to look after a bike and know that Shit breaks If it's not looked after properly and maintained regularly ...I drop out the oil and filter every 4 to 5 KLM's After every ride some time though the week I go over my dirt bikes and check for wear and tear ...Don't you ? As for you nuts on hills , what the hell are ya doing sitting on the job ? They are actuallypretty nice to sit on ,I also own a WR250 F and a KTM 525 and there not much diff in the seat between the KTM and the GG ,But try sitting on the WR for any period of time ...

No this is y gas gas breaks down


TAKE MY ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NO NOT MY NUTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


U CANT SAY THER GOOD BIKES BECAUSE UVE NEVER OWNED A HONDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO CRAP BREAKS ON THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO OIL LEAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just thought you would need

i just thought you would need to know that the 125cc and less of gas gas rnt build as good as standerds as the yamaha ect ect. but wen u get on a bigger one and u regurly look after it they r great bikes to ride

Gas Gas

They are pieces of shit why would any one want one


I've got a gasgas 400 that i've owned scince new in 2002. The only thing i'm not happy about is the wiring connectors in the wiring loom, and the lack of technical information available. Apart from that it's been a fantastic motorcycle that starts first time every time, I don't ever need to frig with carby jetting coz it's injected.The suspension is really good , the exhaust is really good,the engine is really good, the frame is really good, it looks really good. It tackles serious off road rides without missing a beat. If I had enough money I wouldn't hesitate to buy a new one. Bugger the jap bikes! GasGas rocks!

I dont think so

I dont think so

yamahas suck

After many years of owning many jap motorcycles I started getting annoyed with the arrogant attitude of the bike dealers and manufacturers involved. I remember when a timing chain tensioner spring broke at near the end of a 150 k ride in the snowy. The engine started rattling and I just made it home . The next day I tried to kick over the engine and she locked up!
I pulled the cam cover off to discover the camchain tensioner had wound all the way back to the loosest position and the cams had jumped a few teeth. I called the dealer and asked for a new cam tensioner under new warranty (the bike had only done 1200ks by now) only to be told off road bikes weren't covered by warranty! I called Yamaha and got much the same spiel.
After that I decided never to buy any yamaha ever again. They suck.
I am much happier with the GasGas.

gas gas

fuk you gas gas are awesome ur probobaly a shit as rider anyway


I just ordered a gas gas MC250 and it'll be here next week. I 've had and own a run of the mill Jap bike and reliability is good and hp on my ported Cr500 is nice, but there is nothing exotic about it(except hp). I just got rid of an ktm300xcw. KTM blows. that swingarm is always crooked and a poor design and the guy that said GasGas had bad WP forks that's old gas gas, KTM. runs them now and they really suckThe thing is who wants a run of the mill bike when you can have a porsch. Oh, and only yamaha sucks more than KTM.

i use certain gas in my

i use certain gas in my bike because if i use wrong type of gas it ruins the way the bike runs so id use 87 grade in your bikes

blatant stupidity :(

i own a gasgas ec250 with WP forks, and NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THEM. i love my bike and i would have no other and nothing changed on it. Blatantly throwing your opinion out as fact is annoying and false. if you dont like them, dont get one and shut up. My girlfriend and her dad both race KTMs, both with WP forks, and nothing is wrong with them either. if you cannot make a sense-able argument on a subject then keep your opinions to yourself. and as far as your nuts problem, have you ever heard of adjustment? it does all sorts of wonderful things, especially if you weigh 200+ and are riding on stock settings.then no duh you hit your pride and joys.

We still have a long way to

We still have a long way to go to learn a lot of things. - Lindsay Rosenwald


gasgas is great

Ive got a 06 gasgasmc250 and i ride at the track with my bestfriend everyother weeknd and i keep up with his 2015 ktm 250 sx the only problem i have ever had was a fauling spark plug but thats my fault for not keeping it tuned up. A dirtbike is a machine you gotta pay to play stop being a hater

Any brand and model would

Any brand and model would break down if not maintained properly.IMHO.

gasgas are the best!

Someone please help topic missfire/splutter

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