GasGas Australia - Announcing the 2005 GAS GAS 450FSE

GasGas Australia - Announcing the 2005 GAS GAS 450FSE - Announcing the 2005 GAS GAS 450FSE [Gas Gas Australia]

GasGas have released specs on the new 2005 450FSE on their Aussie website, and with a wide range of improvements, they are sure to sell even more of these very sweet looking bikes this year than they did in 2004.

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Lets hope it's going to be better than the o4 modle but with all the new mods I dout it will

be as gasgas dont seem to test the bikes enough just get them out and let you sourt out all the faults. Any way lets wait and see,I hope Im wrong but expernce tells me Im not regards Mike.

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Thats no good. Can you elaborate on some of the problems you've had with your bike?

a freakin 450, can u even get 2 feet off the ground on that thing i have a ttr 125 and it is almost to big and i am 6 foot tall. Get domthing u can throw around a little bit.

Do you know what your talking about ? It looks to me as tho you are either new to dirt bikes or just useless ...
I'm 5'7" and ride a GasGas 450 .and don't have any probs at all throwing it around ,Don't bother replying to msg's that you obviously don't have any clues about ...TTR 125 LOL My son is 12 years old and he rides my KTM 520 like a champ ... he's only 4'11"