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good bikes

does any1 know where i can get a good bike 4 $3000 or under (it can be a late nintys model as well), or does any1 hav 1 they r willing 2 cell. im looking for a 125 or a 1 fifty.

Well bro just want 2 let u kn
Well bro just want 2 let u know that there is a big difference in a 150 and 125 in size power and price.The 125 is in another class to the 150,the 150 is the new 85.So what u do actually want.
prob 125
i would lik a 125 heaps more than cos i ride me dads bikes but they're to heavy 4 me 2 pick back up but i can pick up 125's so i would lik a 125 heaps more than
I have a 125
hey, i have a KX125 2stroke for sale! $1500. great shape! aftermarket almost everything! where do you live?
hey, y is it going so cheaply
hey, y is it going so cheaply n wat model is it? i liv in the hunter valley, where do u liv. is da bik quick n wat condition is it in.(im only 13 so a 125 is perfect size) thnx cheers
you can get a 05 or 04 or a 03 crf250r on ebay in graet condition
Hey the KX125 1996 is in great shape aftermarket literally almost everything the only reason its so cheap is cuz i wanna SELL IT! YA THE BIKES FAST ITS A FULL on MOTOCROSS bike! i live in Illinois! where is huntervalley? how long have you been riding?
the big bore engine is good but u should have someother things
if only fit the big cylinder, it's no use and wasting time and after we fit the engine the inner rotor kits, awsome Johanstorewholesale
aha u can ask google it can tell u all but.......
but ask Johanstorewholesale hehe thnx Joe
HEY its larko
hey mate wheres llinios n do u still hav dat bike if so u wanna sell it cos im in the market 2 buy a new 1. cheers
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