Help w my klx 110 (Cant fully accelerate

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Help w my klx 110 (Cant fully accelerate

Okay so to make all clear im new with these dirt bike stuff. I bought a used 05 klx 110 on december 26th, its a great bike,  never broke down on me. I changed the oil a couple times since i bought it and also cleaned the air filter, but theres a problem i never knew about and discovered today, is that your supposed to clean your carburator ( i know im stupid lol ), i found out today while searching up for "Cant fully accelerate on my dirt bike" On google, because thats what seems to be the problem. Today, has been the first time after 8 months i ever had a problem with my bike, i was riding today ( actually everyday i ride lol ), and the bike just shutted down on me, i could start the bike first kick but whenever i tried giving gas the bike would die on me even though my gas is full. Also if i put on first gear i can go aleast 3mph, if i pass that, the bike will turn off. So however, the point of my question is, is it really the carburator???? im just making clear that this 8 months i bought the bike i changed and cleaned everything BUT the carburator, please help if you can. I cant stay without riding my dirt bike for a day. If its the carburator can anyone post or email me of how to clean a 2005 klx 110 carburator, so this way i do by myself without spending money, im good at those stuff, changing and replacing a few stuff on the dirt bike, so if you can, please help.


If you think its not the carburator post your suggestion also of what might be. Thank you for your pacience!

<p>Whell, sorry to say but it sounds like your carburator. Usually dirt gets caught in the jets (Jets are passage ways where fuel flows through the carby). you need to check if your air filter is clean. Than you need to remove your carburator (CARBY) off your bike. Open it up, as much as you know and you can. I have never worked on klx 110's so i cant say exactly what to do. But pull it apart as much as you can and take a tooth pics, an old tooth brush and some fuel and an air compressor if you have one. Clean out all the jets/holes that you can see and than re assemble it back together. You probably sucked some water or dirt into the carby. It's nothing major. Otherwise maby your air/fuel ratio is unajusted...... but that is too confusing to explain. Try cleaning out the carby, if that doesnt work take it to some workshop and get it repaired there. I hope my message is not too late because probably you have already taken action.<br> <br> &nbsp;Best Luck<br> <br> Erik</p>
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