i really whant to know how to do wheelies

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i really whant to know how to do wheelies

i realy want to know how to do wheelies i have a yz 125 and i cant get it up i dont like holding the clutch are reving the shite out of my bike so would some body please tell me HELLP!!!!

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Well, try this.
Well, try this. I have a bike too, in fact it's a CRF-450 and you tellin me you have trouble poppin a wheelie. ok sorry for the sarcasm. Try this, while you're ridin in maybe 2nd or 3rd gear, try to yank on the bars back and goose it at the same time. this should bring the bike up and you should be able to ride one. I'm 20 and it works on that damn 450 so it should work for your 125. The only prblem with this is that .....sometimes if you go too fast in a low gear, the ass end will flip on you, so you might want to try learning to shift while you're doing this. good luck buddy.
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anybody should be able to wheelie on a 125 2-stroke just push down hard then pull up and give it the gass
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how to wheelie
First ensure that you are in first gear, and going quite slowly . Sit as far back in the seat as you can, and sit as upright as possible (this is to move as much weight as possible backwards). Roll the throttle pull the clutch in. As engine rise rapidly let the clutch back out quickly when the front wheel is in the air you have to find the balance point which is a little floaty point damn high up there once your in the balance point you have work the throttle to keep it in the balance point to go farther on a wheelie you have to shift gears on a wheelie this is the hardest part you have shift gears with out the clutch by appling pressure to the shift lever while on the throttle and when you release the throttle it should click in to next gear if it does the bike will want to kick a little higher so be ready to work that throttle some bikes are harder to shift into to gear and you have to give a good kick to avoid missing the gear and having your front end slam into the ground dont forget to cover your back brake to save your ass if you go to far over
I don't know
I just bought a yz 125 and its my first bike ever, so thats why I don't know. A buddy of mine got on it and ripped three huge wheelies about a half mile each. He says he just hammered the throttle, while moving, and pulled back on the bike. I'm not sure about the shifting because he was telling me how he got it up. Any way good luck and don't kill yourself. Let me know what you figure out. P.S. If you do kill yorself: GOOD JOB!!!! Da J Man
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if you want to ride wheelies
if you want to ride wheelies for miles an miles you have to learn how to shift gears on a wheelie or you will over rev the engine an mess up your bike
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and if you let your friend wh
and if you let your friend wheelie your bike for half a mile in a low gear he will blow the engine on your bike ps: you have to shift gears while on a wheelie to keep rpm down or your engine will blow
Your wont blow your engine
you wont blow your engine unless you really rev. it high, because 2 strokes are made to be rev. high!!
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well when you shift on a whee
well when you shift on a wheelie you get faster an your able to go farther but it does take a while to learn so learn your wheelies in one gear till you get better at balancing it then learn shifting cause you can go alot farther shifting trust me and to pull a wheelie ezer try it on a slight up hill slant the front end will be easy to pull up
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i have 4 dirtbikes and every time i pop a wheelie i never can keep it up fo no longer than like 30 feet and my friend justin can ride one all the way down the road on his bone stock 50 and iv tried all that stuff allready and none of it works the front end always comes up relly high and i have to put it down or els come off the back ( abandon bike) which screws me and my bike up!!
2003 DR125Z
i get going about 5mph then sit way back and rev the bike up, then pop the clutch in second and i get pretty high, to ride one i start in first wait till it comes up then let the gas out and shift (dont use the clutch!) and...ride the whellie! p.s. when riding a wheelie remember to roll the throttle! not pop it!
Wheelie TIps
Some stuff here. http://dirtbikeblogger.blogspot.com/2007/07/wheelies.html Help create the Internet's biggest collection of dirt bike tips at dirtbikeblogger.blogspot.com
wheelie dilema
<p>Im 14 and i&nbsp;have a crf 450r. and a yz 125 must almost be&nbsp;as powerful as a 450. seeing as it's a 2 stroke. I can catwalk/wheelie for almost a minute. and what i do is i start off in fist gear medium to high-ish &nbsp;RPM and it just lifts the front end up and you want to sit on the middle of the seat, and just hold the throttle til the RPM goes higher, then you shift gears. But when you shift gears while doing a wheelie, dont press in the clutch, or that'll just drop your front end down. and instead of going brap brap brap, you can you can just sorta hold the throttle at medium RPM and shift when it goes higher. Should work.</p>
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