Juha Salminen to run the 111 Plate in the 2006 GNCC Series

Juha Salminen shook up the Grand National Cross Country circuit in 2005 and won an astonishing 9 of the 13 GNCC rounds, taking home his first American Off-Road Championship title.

Following in history’s footsteps, champions are always given the prestige of running the number one plate the following year to contest and defend their title.

After careful consideration, 10-time World Enduro Champion, Juha Salminen has decided to race the 2006 GNCC series with 111 instead of the number 1 plate. He explained, “For me, the number one plate is something that I earned last year because my team and I worked hard for it. I respect the history and the distinction that comes with it, but the team and I thought that since I am in America racing for such a short time that we would like for fans to associate me with the 111. In fact, we are not ignoring the number 1 at all, just be sure to look at the middle one, it’s larger than the other two numbers.

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