Jeremy Wilkey's experience in suspension began 20 years ago as an amateur level motocross racer. With his strong interest in science, it was only natural that suspension became his favorite area of experimentation. In1992, while a freshman in college, Jeremy formed MX-TECH and started on the trail that led him to Europe and the World MX Championships then back again to the United States when OHLINS offered him a position as NASCAR technician. Because of his status as a college student, Jeremy declined the offer in order to finish his studies. Jeremy completed his Bachelor of Science degree in August of 1999. Significantly, Jeremy periodically gives lectures and seminars on suspension design and theory to engineering schools and motorcycle groups. Now, eleven years down the trail to the future, MX-TECH is growing rapidly and breeches the gap from small local suspension business to leading design and service.

Philosophy: In general, MX-TECH strives to build suspension that will let the rider comfortably find the edge of control in all conditions. This balance and control is achieved using MX-TECH's exclusive compression and rebound valving systems. It all starts with a selection of ideal springs for your weight and track conditions. Next, MX-TECH will replace or modify your stock valve bodies for proper oil delivery. Then a specific valve stack is generated for your exact criteria. This valve stack features MX-TECH's Multiple Frequency Valving. This valve design maintains a high seat pressure that maintains g-load resistance for whoops and jump faces, while offering perfect amounts of deflection for acceleration bumps as the rear linkage progresses into lower ratios as the bike squats under weight transfer in heavy acceleration. In the front end, our multiple frequency design works in similar fashion as the rear, but is built in a more progressive way as the front suspension does not compress faster, farther into the travel. Also with our high seat pressure design, many times the external adjusters will become more effective, which is often the opposite of most suspension revalves.

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