Rallye of Egypt Stage 2

Baharija - Mut / 440 km SS / 36 km Liaison / 436 km Total

Not for chicken...

It was a very very fast day, except for the last 15 km of the special. Fabrizio Meoni started first this morning, followed by Alfie Cox. Both had to pay for their positions six and seven of yesterday, as the first five could chose their start position and certainly chose to start behind today.

So Meoni had to open the track and do the navigation. There are not many riders who can navigate and go really fast at the same time - he can! Alfie Cox had difficulties to follow him because the track was extremely fast - and dangerous. "Sometimes Fabrizio was only a small spot on the horizon, and I thought: If he can go that fast without crashing, I can as well! and kept the gas wide open hoping that there are no bad surprises not marked in the roadbook. A tough day for the motorbikes, too, the engines had to work hard but no problem for our rallybikes."

Everybody else plaid their tactics. Richard Sainct chose to start in 10th position hoping to make a lot of time, unfortunately it was very dusty today so he ended up only in 4th position. Despres and Roma started 5 and 6 this morning, and their tactics worked out, they could make time and Nani Roma is now taking the lead in the overall standings.

Meoni ended up in the unfortunate 6th place again today thanks to Marek Dabrowski who had a very good day today marking 5th position.

The temperatures in Mut ar around 40

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