Rallye of Egypt Stage 3

Mut - El Oweinat / 7,5 km Liaison / 386 km SS / 393,5 km Total

A very "tiring" day...

As the Italians would say: "A la manetta" - full gas!! again today. The riders burnt down the 386 km special stage in less than 3 hours. A stage for the V-twin LC8, high speed of Nani Roma today 199 km/h, average speed of the whole stage 147 km/h. Who of you dares to go that fast on a highway??? So Roma won today, followed by Richard Sainct and Cyril Despres who did their best to lose as little time as possible on this extremely fast track. The name of the problem today was bib mousse. It was hot today, the temperature of the sand was close to 50

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