Rallye of Egypt Stage 7

Baharija - Cairo / SS 345 km / Liaison 95 km / Total 440 km

Victory in the last minute...

for Nani Roma, who amazed everybody today when he took more than 5 minutes on Richard Sainct riding like a god. Yesterday, Sainct had been in the lead of 3,5 minutes, and everybody thaught that the race is decided. But the stage was fast again apart from a technical section on the first kilometers, and Roma knew he had no choice but attack to the max. He did an excellent navigation and must have found the most direct route today. He has been fighting all week and had been pushed back by unlucky tire problems, but he never gave up. He has been rewarded with this superbe victory. Richard Sainct is a fair loser, though naturally he would have liked to see himself on the top of the results list.

The true losers today were Alfie Cox and Marc Coma, both had to stop because of mechnical problems and couldn

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