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How to set up TC450 for MX for riding rough tracks. I am 6 foot 3 tall and about 95kgs?

Sorry about the spelling
no clue
set it until it feels right is what id do. just remeber dont set the rebound to much or youll have some problems with jumping and bumps.
what i would do is set the r
what i would do is set the race sag on the bike to 110 mm, and then i would return all the clickers to the stock position and work from there... ill find a link on how to set sag and post it in a few minutes.....
http://www.factoryconnection. remember when u set it up that its almost like anything you do effects everything else... it can get really sonfusing, and adjust your clickers in small increments
thanks for that advise think that i can work better with it now. why does every body bag husky for i have been riding them for 2 years and think there just as good as the rest of the brands why is there not a motocross team?
they do have a team in canada
they do have a team in canada, i know of a guy from my area who got picked up by them.... i wouldnt worry about people talking sh!t about them, i bet more than half the people on this forum havent ever even seen one, and you cant really judge a bike untill you ride it right?
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