vintage 125 shifting problems

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vintage 125 shifting problems

well just picked up at 1979 rm125 for 25$ would flood out and wouldnt stay running cracked float.... well any way i fixed that and well now i tryed to ride it and it only shifts in to 1st and 2nd it will go in to neutral some times.. when i try to shift in to third it dosnt go all the way it feel s that some thing is stopping it from shifting .. what could be wrong.. i

well, either way she comming

well, either way she comming apart. so i would recomend splitting the cases and going in. shifting problems are very easy to diagnose (very obvious). it could be something as easy as a bent shift fork. sorry to ask a stupid question but u do know how shifting works? all the way down is first, half up is neutral and then the rest up are sequential gears. theres really not too many things trhat can keep it from shifting. your shift drum shouldnt affect it unless it was ridiculously worn. yes i know its a 79 but should be that bad. the only other shifting thing it could be would be if the dogs were somehow folded over. i would just break it down and check it out.

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