Want to fix up my rm125. I need advice. Badly

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Want to fix up my rm125. I need advice. Badly

Hey all I know how to ride I've been riding my whole life but untill this past year I could only put air in the tires. Now I do as much as I can
My issue is I have a 2000 rm125. It's a real fast bike. It had a fmf shorty and aftermarket sprockets.
What I need advice on is what I can do with about a grand to make it better.
I'm looking for more power low end so I took it to cycle pros salvage in Massachusetts and asked them to work on it
They're doing a couple things so far
Fluids all changed
New wheel bearing in the back
New chain
New rings( piston rings I assume)
Taking apart the top end ? Not sure what this means
Cleaning the carburetor
Boysen power reeds or v force 3 what's the difference?
Can you guys maybe tell me what else I can do to improve the bike?
Buying a larger bike isn't an option I weigh 149 and this bikes fast enough, the main reason I don't want to get rid of it is I love it. I just feel right on it I just want more power and I am gonna pass it on to my son in five years or so when he's old enough to handle it
Any advice is greatly appreciated thanks.


Well when you said (taking apart the top end) it means they are most likely changing piston rings and mabye polishing your sleve and changing your small end bearings etc... To upgrade on power you can buy racing pistons.. and as you said changing you reed valves will make a big difference. You could also buy racing carburator...... mabye you can advance your ignition timing but this may cause detonation (which is uneven combustion). Oh and i nearly forgot, you can also upgrade your exhaust for a racing one or something it will also make a big power difference. Thats all i can think of.

Good Luck


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