what size for me

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what size for me

iam 5'6'' and iam 13 what and size should i get


i think u should save up for an 80 or a 125. it doesnt matter what kind, just buy watever one u feel most comfortable on since all of them are great.

wat size

still 125s arnt that small wel 4 a 13yr old but if ya want more speed or power get a 125

Go with a 4 stroke

I ride a cr250 but i had many dirtbikes before it, i am also 13 but im 6 foot. If this is ur first bike and u dont no how to use a clutch go with a 4 stroke then step up 2 a 2 stroke bc if u dont have clutch skills u'll prolly blow it up and if not u'll foul plugs a lot. My first bike was a crf230 and its a pretty good starter bike but after a month it seemed to lack power. I think u should juss go with like a crf250r or x. u'll grow into it.

what size is for me

Ok im 6 foot 1, 220 pounds i want a honda but not sure wat would do me good

my bike

im 13 and 5'2 im riding a crf 230 but i did have a xr100 for about 2 years before i got this

wat size

im 5'11 175lb and i started on an 03 xr 100r then bumped up to 97 cr125

i would just go with the

i would just go with the crf250r. 4 strokes are great bikes and easy to control. the power is a lot but still controlable so your able to ride it till your 17 or so then you might consider sizing up depending on your size then.

250 four stroke

That would be my choice I'm 14 and 5'6" and thats what I think is the funnest to ride I've owned a 125 but didn't have a lot of power. I have a 98 kx250 and it's awesome to ride but not in the woods. And I also have a 02 yz250f and it has tons of power and is fun to ride in the woods or on a track.

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