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Everything about a weelie
Hey man this is so cool that I can talk to A guy who can teach me this ok I have a handmade (i think hand made) 125cc dirt bike and can you tell me how to weelie it doing a short one and one moving forward while im doing a weelie and if you can tell me how to do one on my freinds dirt bike a BAJA 70cc He did one be accident but I want to master them so anyways E-Mail me when you can and I hAVE LOADS OF questions IM 11 YEARS OLD AND BASICALLY how can i do one on my 125cc bike thanks and my name is kade 11 years old in Austin TX Thanks
I have to make a strategy
I have to make a strategy that should be a good idea but like if you want to iknow what i mean like wat to do if your falling back or if your leaning over thats a strategy anyways hope you got my blog E-Mail me all what you know about weelies at my E-Mail kmatyis@austin.rr.com E any time so ya really need your advice on doing them on the Baja 70cc and the 125cc and the YZ250F and the sikk 125XL and maybe a ducati 1198 s and the yamaha YZF 6R and the kawasaki ninja thanks and see you later.
thats my E-Mail and how old is this site and are you still on it? cuz it dont look like it.(all the post are like from 2005 and its 2009 right now)
proper way to wheelie
please can you tell me how to wheelie my crf 250 2007 thanks
hello, my name is jim and i have a lei (Korean) 150cc and i would like to know how to wheelie please :)
hey i have a 06 rm125
hey i have a 06 rm125 and i was wondering how to do wheelies? ive tried them but when i start i cant even get the wheel off the ground
Learn how to wheelie with "wheelie dogs wheelie bar brake"
Learning how to wheelie with Wheelie Dogs wheelie bar brake, has never been this easy,Now learn to wheelie like a pro, learning to use your rear brake, without the fear of going over bachwards, my wheelie device bolts on to the swing arm of any dirt bike, and 1 pivot arm connects just under your rear brake and the other arm with a wheel fits just behind the rear tire of your dirt bike, the wheel arm has 4 adjustments to adjust to your desired height of your front wheel to come off the ground , it is a Awsome way to learn how to wheelie, learning to use your rear brake, without the fear of going over backwards. GO TO www.wheeliedogswheeliebrake.com
hey i have a honda crf70 70cc 4 stroke without a clutch how do i wheelie
<p>i am very new to riding i have a 04 klx 125 and want to wheelie i cant seem to lift one can u help</p>
<p>Try in first gear/ slightly up gill on soft grass incase you fall. Experiment with the throttle, but be gentle on it. Check that you have fresh tires, it will benifit. Always make sure you have your foot resting on your back brake incase you flip your bike. If you feel its flipping tap the back brake and you should come back down. Its all the matter of practice and being gentle on the throttle so you don't wheel spin or flip your bike. Try sitting a little bit back so most of your weight is on your rear wheel. Good luck, and practice.<br> <br> Erik</p>
<p>I have a 1996 CR125 i was just needing to know how to doo a good wheelie and how to find my balance point</p>
Wheelie XR600?
<p>Hey man,got myself a 1996 Honda XR 600.Any tips on wheelies?</p>
Kawasaki KLX 450R
<p>Please can you tell me how to wheelie my Kawasaki KLX 450R.</p>
the way I do wheelies on a 2
<p>the way I do wheelies on a 2 stroke is get it right before the powerband then punch it and the powerband will give you that power boost and pop you on a wheelie i did it on my rm250 all the time and also a cr500 doesnt like to be in the powerband and do a wheelie mine has alot of bottom end so i can just punch it and it will pop right up and i did 3rd gear wheelies on the beach like that so try to punch it and lean back a little right before the powerband and see how that works</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
What's the perfect way to do
What's the perfect way to do a wheelie on a 2000 honda xr 200r 4stroke? With what seems like a possible lack of power but still has good get up and go


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