would a ktm do good on a jump

would a ktm 125 2 stroke burn out on a jump,and will it get good airwith enough room to get into low third

ah ktm and their crazy rear shock. many people believe its the best stock shock out there for soaking up those hard hits and high speed bumps. not so good on the low speed. ktm uses a linkage free system which give it a little trouble with giving too much feedback while riding slow. all in all you will be satisfied with the suspension, just dial it in for yourself. <A HREF="http://http://www.mototips.com/contests/2463-march-contest.html"> ---Mototips Giveaway, Check It Out Here---</a>

ok thanks

depends what size of jump and the size of the bike but they probably will do good on most jumps

Got a ktm myself, The future is non linkage :) As for riding at slow speeds its not much of a problem, Jumps ha i find it better I have to say. I really enjoy the non linkage system on the ktms.