YSS Suspension

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YSS Suspensions are uniquely tailored to each rider's needs, featuring extremely strong construction and are perfect for special applications. YSS motorcycle suspensions are the most advanced in the world with superb adjustment features giving your motorcycle's suspension the perfect setup for the road or the race track. All Y.S.S. shocks are easy to fit and come with different features like adjustable compression, remote reservoirs, teflon coated sinter bushes or revolutionary bladder rebound technology.

The Y.S.S. gas shocks use high pressure nitrogen gas. Ride height adjusters, hydraulic spring tension preloaders and hard chromed shafts are other features throughout the vast Y.S.S. shock absorber range. Our YSS Shocks come all with Manufacturer Warranty.

Y.S.S. shock absorbers can be customised individually and are built to a quality standard where handling and service ability go hand in hand. Most of the Y.S.S. mono shocks come with PIGGYBACK Reservoir made from a solid piece of machined aluminium with adjustment screws for low-speed and high-speed while others are available with casted mounts for reservoirs, without reservoirs, reservoirs with hoses, billet-milled reservoirs or billet-milled 90 degree reservoirs.