1989 rm80

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1989 rm80

i have a 1989 rm80 it has complete performance top end parts. in the clymers manual it says that i should be running my fuel mixture at 20:1. i thought that was unbelievable and I run it at 32:1. is this still to rich. does anyone kno wat i should be runnin my bike at?

new bike

dude for as much as you put in to that bike i would just get a new one. but my experiance is that you want to run it a little richer than the manual says. 32.1 is too high

everything is fine on the bik

everything is fine on the bike now. i run a 40:1 and have no trouble. also the total amount of money i have spent is $750. the bike was only $550 and then i spent $200 in parts plus it already had a pro circuit chamber and silencer, boyesen reeds, wiseco piston, and a twin air filter. it runs strong and i dont think i could have got a better deal but i do want to sell it and get a yz125

rm kick ass

so its an 80 you probly already found a mixture but if it was mine i would run 100 octane castor racing oil at 50:1 best setup ever. it usually does not matter unless you bore out at least .20 mm


THE RICHEST IT WILL RUN WITHOUT FOULING OUT....... just remember what that oil does it lubricates your whole engine...... if you tune your carb to run good at 20 to 1 mixure you will get at least 2 to 3 times the life out of that piston..... and save your cyl....... 50 to 1 fucks shit up... i work at a dealership and when i pull apart those two stokes you can tell who leans out there mixure and who is runnin good... and the guys that skimp on the oil get the high repair bills..

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