ACUSA Park, Off-Road Motorcycle Facility Upgrade, Harrogate

Motorcycling SA currently owns and operates an off road ride park, known as ACUSA Park, on Snake Gully Road, Harrogate. Motorcycling SA is an incorporated Not for Profit Organisation, that is responsible for the management, promotion and delivery of motorcycle sport and recreation in South Australia. 
The facility has traditionally held high level competition events in dirt track and MX, whilst also providing a valuable facility for recreational riders on its many tracks.

Currently ACUSA Park offers two (2) natural terrain MX tracks, a dirt track, a trail riding loop, and a junior only track. With the growing number of people with motorcycles and limitations to where people can legally and safely ride, a redevelopment of ACUSA Park, both of its tracks and amenities, is critical to ensure its continued access for recreational motorcyclists and competitors alike.

The planned re-development will see the facility sit proudly with similar ride park facilities across the country, and importantly improve the experience for all that attend, be they riders or families out for a great days recreation.

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