Beginner to dirt bikes

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Beginner to dirt bikes

So basically I am almost 16 years old and looking for something fun to do on weekends. I have always thought about a dirt bike or go kart. I don't really know how much horsepower my first dirtbike should have or what kind would best suit me. I also was wondering where exactly I could ride. By the way I am about 6 foot and 145 lbs. Thanks for any help you can give me.

If going much distance, you
<p>If going much distance, you will need a trailer for either a Kart or Bike, <strong>but</strong>&nbsp;if you need to, a bike can be pushed around the block, a Kart would be more work in that sort of case.</p> <p>Karts are probably less likely to break bones etc, but are much more restrictive on where you can use them.</p> <p>As for where to ride, in either case, start with a Google for dirt bike or go kart clubs in your suburb/location.</p>
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