125 2 stroke

Posted by dirtbikedude

Hi im looking to buy a new bike im 5'5 and 115 pounds and have lots of experience on dirtbikes and want something that is fast and lightweight. I am looking at a cr125 but they only have 5 gears and the rm and yz have 6 so would the cr have trouble keeping up with these bikes or can it deliver enough power in only 5 gears?

Just got back from a 5 day ride with Fair Dinkum bike tours located in Cairns Australia, it was freakin awesome. there were a group of 6 of us riders 3 of the riders brought their own Husky 2010 510"s.

Riding conditions were fantastic and the trails were the best I have ridden. Also on the ride was a journo from Australasian Dirt bike magazine, Andrew Broads Broadley, he was a great guy, he is doing a feature story so check it out in January 2011.