If you’re like me, when you’re ready to ride, all you want to do is go. Just jump on and start pedaling. But for your own safely and to keep your bike in top working order, it’s really important that you get into the habit of performing five simple maintenance checks whenever you ride.

The good news is that these inspections are quick and easy, taking no more than 30 seconds total. And, by checking your bike for the most common mechanical failures that can lead to a crash, you’ll be taking some very effective steps to ensure your own safety each time you go out.
1. Tires and Wheels

Got the head off today, need to get a puller to get the flywheel off and actually break the cases apart, but the bore/cylinder tells an interesting story.

With luck i'll have the rest to bits next weekend and really know what the damge is.

Where's the best place for aftermarket/replacement bits? (Preferably in Australia I guess).

Guess I'll need the bore redone as well. Sigh.

Thoughts on a hot cam/hi comp piston? Anybody else done that?