Picked up the big husky on Friday, and took her out Saturday afternoon for a blast to make sure all was well after the visit to the local docs.

Its rained a bit here recently, so the sandy soil is almost perfect for riding, meaning I had a real blast.

The fantastic Husky suspension was back almost exactly as I remember it, making me feel like a pro, and soaking up all the bumps as required.

Its days like these that keep me in love with riding. Blasting around on perfect dirt in perfect weather, and coming home to a cold beer ;-)

My old AXO boots had done very well, I think they lasted about 8 years, but with a recent broken buckle, I decided that the time had come to get a new pair of boots.

Not that I didn't try to keep the old ones, the leather had been repaired some years ago with a patch, and they've done a great job, but there were no replacement buckles available, so I had to bite the bullet and visit Bills Motorcycles to pickup a new pair.

I tried a few boots on, and settled with the Alpinestars Tech 3.

Went to take a ride on the big husky last weekend only to realise that one of my Fork seals was.. well.. buggered.

Took it to the local bike shop for replacement, fork seals is a mechanical thing i've not done yet, so thought that was best.

Have you ever replaced your own fork seals?
How long did it take?
Did you need any special tools?

Looking forward to picking it up tomorrow and taking it for a blast this weekend!