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Got the head off today, need to get a puller to get the flywheel off and actually break the cases apart, but the bore/cylinder tells an interesting story.

With luck i'll have the rest to bits next weekend and really know what the damge is.

Where's the best place for aftermarket/replacement bits? (Preferably in Australia I guess).

Guess I'll need the bore redone as well. Sigh.

Thoughts on a hot cam/hi comp piston? Anybody else done that?


Kardoonda Mallee bash

Posted by simon

The first real Amtra ride for the year for me was the Karoonda ride. it has a bit of a reputation as being a long day, with the ride finishing around 9pm last year, but there was an injury which made it late.

The ride briefing said I needed to be able to do 90km's, which given the 9.2L tank on the 2005 husky, would not be a problem, so I was sort of wondering why such a long day (I found out later, its because 90km is really about 120!)

As we waited in the carpark, I realised that this ride had about the widest range of bikes i'd seen on a ride in a long time. We had:

1 TM 450